Friday, March 12, 2010

Richmond Park Car Parking Charges Go-ahead

It seems that the car parking charges for Richmond and Bushey parks have got the go-ahead...for now. This BBC report explains that a Lib Dem amendment to scrap the charges was defeated, although a Tory amendment that 'regrets' the charges was passed. The Tory PPC for Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith, has made noises to the effect that a future Tory government will try to reverse the charges, but there's no firm commitment that I have seen. I strongly suspect that this is just pre-election posturing which will be forgotten after May 6 in the scramble to cut the budget deficit.
What the BBC report doesn't tell you is that Jenny Tonge (Lib Dem) said that instead of penalising local people to park, "rat runners" should pay a toll "towards the upkeep of the roads" (citation). Which is what I said in my previous post on the subject. Of course, Tonge, unlike Kramer and Goldsmith, doesn't have to get elected.

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