Friday, January 14, 2011

4x4s 'Attacked'

"Green group attacks Chelsea Tractors", says the Evening Standard.

The word "attack" is used in the loosest sense - the vehicles had stickers saying "CO2 Kills" put on their number plates by a green group, Climate Rush, probably consisting mainly of undercover policemen.

Apparently, owners are threatening legal action, saying they could've been fined for displaying an incorrect number plate. Poor loves.

On the plus side of the ledger, these owners will benefit disproportionately from any 'fuel price stabiliser'. I said the prospect of this was receding yesterday, so by Sod's Law 'Call Me Dave' was talking it up again today.

So, the winners are:
Drivers of 4x4s and other thirsty cars who drive a lot.

The losers are:
Anyone who doesn't drive much or at all, or has a frugal car.
Anyone who thought the ConDems were a green government.
Your great-grandchildren.
The Maldives. Maybe the 4x4 drivers would like to give the residents their condolences next time they fly there for a long weekend.

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  1. As a a responsible motorist you should check your lights and number plates regularly to ensure they are all working and fully visible.

    Oh, 'responsible'. Understand now.