Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Load of Bollards

There seems to be a problem with bollards at the junction of Wimbledon Hill Road and Worple Road in Wimbledon. The local paper reports:

"Bollard to blame for recent Wimbledon crashes...eight accidents happened in exactly the same way since the middle of November." 

Drivers are warned that the bollard may jump out into the road without warning. It should not be approached.

[I promise you I am not making this next bit up, but maybe the local paper did]

"Councillor David Dean...said the council needed to remove the bollard, which protects pedestrians standing on a traffic island." 

Quite right, Councillor. Pedestrians are much softer and less likely to cause damage to vehicles.

Councillor Andrew Judge said:

“This junction is very busy so we have added new road markings already to highlight the presence of the traffic island and further road markings will be provided to guide right-turning traffic safely around it."

How's that de-cluttering thing going, by the way? Naked streets, anybody?


  1. That's bloody brilliant, brought a smile to my face from the skim over I've just done :-)
    WTF are the police/council going to investigate as the cause of the crash? It's patently obvious the driver either isn't paying attention OR is going to quickly thinking their people carrier is a race car. It just beggers belief that it's being reported that the bollard caused the crash but sadly I have to say it isn't entirely surprising as we all know that drivers can do no wrong.....

  2. I recall the calls in our local paper for 'dangerous kerbs' to be replaced by the council, because unbelievably crap drivers were scratching their precious alloy rims and puncturing their tyres. I don't think the kerbs were replaced. Perhaps said crap drivers have decided to inflate their tyres correctly and learn to drive or more likely, they have chosen to drive badly somewhere else.
    Good riddance I say!