Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Smart Motorists

From the Scottish Evening Times:

"HI-tech road signs are being installed at an accident blackspot to warn drivers when it rains...four signs, which cost thousands of pounds, are being placed on the busy East Kilbride Expressway...they will automatically flash in wet weather"


  1. I think they may have published that story a bit early, April Fools Day isn't until next week....

  2. Surely the answer is to make driving more interesting, by making driving seem more dangerous. All those 'clever' swept junctions, straight roads & etc. weren't really clever at all, they just make drivers feel safer and to compensate, they just drive faster. If they drive fast-enough, no amount of air-bags, ABS, seatbelts, electronic-stability widgets and roll-cages will stop them going through the pearly gates on-fire, upside down and ripped into shreds.

    1. You've ironically touched on part of the problem. Air-bags, ABS, seatbelts, traction control etc are not absorbed as safety improvements but as performance improvements which allow people to drive faster at the same level of perceived risk.

      Check out or the wikipedia article on 'Risk Compensation'

  3. My car has a Head Up Display transparent panel which visualizes the precipitation level, and a varying frequency reset of the measurement. It is called a windscreen and wipers. However to fit this technology to all cars would be too expensive, so these signs make sense.

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