Wednesday, March 30, 2011

20MPH in the City?

The Standard reports that the City of London is considering an area-wide 20MPH speed limit, in a piece that looks rather like a straight lift from Cyclists in the City.

The change is only under consideration at this stage. Here's a few things the City might want to consider in its deliberations. Hopefully City bosses understand that their staff getting run down by speeding motors isn't good for business. There's a huge amount of foot and cycle traffic in the City, which has a poor safety record. The evidence says that 20MPH limits reduce casualties, and there's no doubt about the economic benefits of reducing casualties -each death costs on average £2.7M. On the debit side, the effect on motor journey times is not particularly significant either. So the case stacks up pretty firmly in favour of 20MPH. On the other hand of course, the right to drive a car wherever and however fast you like is a basic human right and must take precedence over all that 'elf and safety' nonsense.

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  1. I don't think Danny would be offended that Ross Lydall has borrowed from him. Ross is, on balance, a friend to active travellers and getting the story out to a wider audience is a good thing.

    At the bottom of Lydall's stroy there is a poll - do you agree with 20mph - if you get the chance, vote in it. Last time I checked, it was 56/44 against.