Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sleepless Nights in Central London

Mayfair residents attempted to stop the installation of a cycle hire docking station near his Mayfair home, arguing that it would "lead to additional noise and traffic congestion". They failed, so are no doubt suffering sleepless nights and tumbling house prices due to the blight this metal monstrosities bring to the area. I shall be phoning round the local estate agents hoping to pick up a cheap crash-pad.

However, things could be worse. They could live in a really chavvy neighbourhood like Kensington, which is blighted by antisocial behaviour. No, really. Apparently Harrods has been attracting the wrong sort of playboy, and the "night-time peace is being shattered by the super-rich racing their sports cars through the streets". Fines for speeding and other driving offences are of course no deterrent to the super-rich, and the Council claim to have no jurisdiction over noise nuisance on the highway. The police claim to be "monitoring drivers of sports cars in the area and carrying out spot checks to ensure they have the correct documentation and that their vehicles are road legal". Isn't this kind of thing what ASBOs were invented for? I guess they only apply to youths on council estates.

Maybe the residents of Kensington should tell Philip Hammond that there should be a war on anti-social motoring?

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