Thursday, September 16, 2010

Richmond Park - Car-Free

An alarming lack of cars in Richmod Park this past Sunday. Look at this:

And this:

And look at the Roehampton Gate car park:

It was possible to cycle all round the park without encountering motor traffic. You could hear the birdsong. This really is beyond a joke. People should be free to drive through Richmond Park at all times. It clearly should not be closed to motor traffic for sporting activities such as the London Duathlon. The Park isn't there so people can enjoy leisure pursuits such as cycling, running, walking, birdwatching and the like in tranquil, natural surroundings. It's a thoroughfare that is part of the Capital's road system. From the scene on Sunday, you would think the Park is a Site of Special Scientific Interest or a National Nature Reserve. There's a real danger that the area could be overrun by dangerous wild animals if this sort of thing is allowed.
After the Duathlon had finished, instead of the Park being immediately re-opened to motor traffic, it was possible for young children to cycle without fear on the road for a considerable time.
Furthermore, next weekend there will be a Park open day  with "Parking at £5 per car" and a FREE BUS SERVICE! What happened to Zac Goldsmith's famous pledge to quit over car parking charges?

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