Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Richmond Park

A quick circuit of Richmond Park yesterday. Drivers very well-behaved; most cruising around the posted 20 MPH limit and just two cars went past me with well-judged, safe overtakes. In fact I think I overtook more cars than cars overtook me. One very 'hairy' near miss though: a cocker spaniel tore across my path missing my front tyre by inches. Owner nowhere to be seen. Time for one circuit was 21:12, not too bad for a windy day. I think I can probably get it below the 20-minute barrier on a still day if I take the 'guards off, get up early enough to miss the traffic (and the dogs) and give it some more gas down the hills.


  1. Or, you could just slow down, enjoy the views, soak up the sunshine, and stop from time to time to throw a stick for that cocker spaniel.

  2. IIRC, in the Royal Parks, the speed-limit applies to people riding pedal-cycles as well as driving motor-vehicles. But I'm not sure about dogs!