Friday, June 17, 2011

Wardour Street - Car Free

I'd noticed that Wardour Street was closed for roadworks and was being resurfaced in granite block paving. It turns out that from mid-day onwards, the street is closed to motor vehicles.

Westminster Council is usually in Crossrider's cross-hairs, but on this occasion deserves some recognition for closing what was previously a pretty busy street. However, they still get a broadside for banning cycling - in their usual cycling-hostile manner they've used a 'no vehicles' sign rather than 'no motor vehicles'.

Strangely enough, this little area of London seems to have a spread of street closures, including Trafalgar Square north side, Leicester Square and its connecting streets, and Gerrard Street. Even stranger, this dreadful virus doesn't seem to have brought economic ruin - in fact, quite the contrary - this is a vibrant area with massive footfall and successful businesses.

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  1. Banning cycling in one direction is like banning a pedestrian walking in one direction and horse likewise, surely?