Saturday, October 15, 2011


Isn't politics strange! It didn't occur to me that the affair of Defence Secretary Liam Fox's ill-advised advisor/best man/lobbyist could turn out well for transport. Fox's departure has resulted Philip Hammond being reshuffled into Defence and Justine Greening being appointed Transport Scretary. Which surely has to be good news - no-one can be worse than Hammond...can they? A quick Google turns up very little past form on Greening. She's only been an MP since 2005, and her website lists campaigns against Heathrow expansion and on improving the District Line. So far so good. She's even met Wandsworth Cycling Campaign in passing, it seems. Will she prove as green as her name? At Cycalogical we're not counting any chickens (geddit?) just yet...


  1. Reportedly she voted against increasing vehicle excise duties on the most polluting cars. Her rationale - it would only reduce CO2 emissions by 0.02% so it was clearly a revenue raising measure. Well, duh, aren't all taxes "revenue raising measures"?

    Her opposition to Heathrow third runway might just have a teeny bit to do with the fact that her constituency is under the flight path, and her campaign for the District Line is again all about her constituency. As we know that almost any politician will contradict their "principles" where a back-yard issue arises, I don't attach much importance to these.

    All the same as you say, she couldn't be any worse.

  2. The Fox business has uncovered an extremely disquieting link between the Koch funded Tea-Party, 'ALEC' and the 'Atlantic Bridge' and the right wing of the Conservative Party.