Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Parliament Flashride

A pretty good turnout - my guess is around 500 [Update - according to Cyclists in the City, the police reckon 2000] - on a dreary but not too wet or cold February midweek evening, to show support for cycle safety in advance of the parliamentary debate tomorrow (23 Feb 2012). The ride started with slow but steady progress from The Mall towards Parliament Square.

Then over Lambeth Bridge and along Lambeth Palace Road:
Back over Westminster Bridge:

Then round Parliament Square again and along Whitehall.

The police, mainly on bikes, were a reassuring but unobtrusive presence. One I think had a minor collision when a car attempted a random U-turn having got in amongst the cyclists.

The ride was covered on the BBC TV news  in the evening with a couple of brief interviews with some of the riders.

What always surprises me is how quickly the cycles evaporate when the ride is over: riding back over Lambeth Bridge was just like any other weekday evening; no more bikes than usual.

Well done everybody; see you next time.

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  1. Got some video footage here: will be adding a 2x full ride tomorrow to go alongside the vomit inducting 4x edit ;-)