Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Load More Bollards

I really hate being an I-told-you-so. It gives me no pleasure whatever, trust me. But I warned the residents of Wimbledon about the dangerous bollards that leap out in front of your car with no warning. Unfortunately, this lady wasn't paying attention. Maybe she doesn't read my blog. Or maybe she rashly ignored my advice not to approach the bollard.

And it seems Councillor David Dean's appeal that "the council needed to remove the bollard, which protects pedestrians standing on a traffic island" has fallen on deaf ears. And now another bollard is responsible for attacking another vehicle. When will this carnage end?  And let's have less of the victim-blaming indulged in by a witness, who said "The people carrier drove too sharply and hit a pedestrian bollard".


  1. I'm disappointed that the article doesn't mention if the driver was wearing a helmet....

  2. Please do tell me was the bollard in collision with the car?

    Because the normal journalistic format is that pedestrians and cyclists are described as being 'in collision with a' car / van / lorry.

    How perplexing!

  3. Who's going to *stump* up the cash to repair the bollard? ;-)