Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brazil - Developing World Cycling Infrastructure?

Brazil isn't all about football. With the blanket coverage of the World Cup, on some of the on-beach punditry footage in Rio de Janiero, you may have been able to see in the background some half-decent cycling infrastructure:

Above: cycle crossing at Av. Atlantica

Above: Semi-segregated lane on Rua Figueiredo de Magalhaes

Above: Segregated beachfront track, Copacapana Beach (Av. Atlantica)

You can even get from an airport to downtown on a segregated path.

According to riouncovered: "There is a decent network of bike lanes connecting the various neighbourhoods. The Mayor’s office has been keen to highlight Rio’s green credentials before the World Cup and the Olympics so new cycle lanes have been sprouting up all over the place. They are all pretty well connected and are strategically placed to enjoy some of the most famous locations and spectacular scenery."

Of course Rio is not Amsterdam - much of it is traffic-choked, hostile and dangerous if you're on a bike. But there seems to be a will to change this, although there is the usual lineup of motorized opponents.

In London, we can only aspire to have developing-world cycling infrastructure. Head over to voleospeed for a summary of London's almost complete lack of cycle infrastructure that is our Olympic legacy.

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