Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cycle to School ???

Total media firestorm about 2 parents letting their children cycle to school on their own. The Guardian's Simon Jenkins has it about right.
The Daily Mail are usually at the front of the queue with the 'elf and safety gorn mad' spin, but their response was a surprisingly balanced article, although they've made an unpardonable error - they have included a picture of two young children cycling on a road with a car apparently passing too close ("posed by models"), whereas the Schonrock children cycle on footpaths.
I wonder what Jeremy Clarkson has to say on the matter, but it's a long drive for him from the Isle of Man to Dulwich. In any case, on Sunday's Top Gear, he said "I don't believe what I write any more than you [Alistair Campbell] believe what you say".

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