Monday, July 26, 2010

Kew Road, Richmond

Richmond Council have kindly provided a mandatory cycle lane on Kew Road (well, some of it anyway). Picture below.

The northbound lane's hours of operation are 8-10AM Mon-Sun - that's why it's full of parked cars. It's well-known that no cyclist cycles north outside these hours (except for that idiot in my picture), and after all, no-one would be able to visit Kew Gardens if they couldn't park for free on Kew Road. We can't have cars cluttering up the side-streets, and there's no public transport nearby, you see. Kew Gardens tube and national rail station is fully 400m away, and as for the buses, well no-one travels by bus, do they? You could get mugged and everything! And buses are so slow because of all the congestion (it's buses that cause congestion of course, not cars). So you have to come by car (you certainly wouldn't want to cycle, not with all those parked cars in the cycle lane). There's really not enough parking in fact. Kew Gardens really need to clear away some of those plants and put down some proper tarmac.

The southbound cycle lane has hours of operation 8AM-6:30PM Mon-Sun. All cyclists are home and tucked up in bed by 6:30PM you see, it's way past their bedtime. It's also very important that local people can park their cars on the street after that time, otherwise all sorts of bad things could happen.

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