Wednesday, January 27, 2010

School Travel Grants

Did you know that your school can get a grant of over £5000 in support of a school travel plan? This money can be used to encourage kids to walk or cycle to school. Because we all know the dangers of the school run (obesity, road danger etc.).

The only catch is, the money can ONLY be spent within the school premises. Most schools are not served by quality segregated cycle infrastructure (certainly not in Merton), which is where the real need is, and it is the perceived danger of roads clogged with school mums in a hurry to drop their fat, unfit offspring off at school, that is the main barrier to getting more kids cycling to school.

So WHY is the government (via Sustrans) spending SO MUCH taxpayers cash on ANYTHING BUT fixing the real problem???

If kids had decent cycle paths to take them to school, then more kids would cycle to school. Which means less school-run traffic...hence less road danger, less pollution, less congestion, less obesity...for goodness sakes, it's not rocket science!

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