Monday, January 18, 2010

Tax Payers Alliance Opposes Lack of Taxes

I couldn't resist this one. Apparently, the right-wing libertarian group - no, sorry, the "independent grassroots campaign for lower taxes" oppose a scheme that enables people not to pay tax.

They claim that Ashford Borough Council's implementation of the Cycle to Work Scheme "is wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayers money buying bicycles and accessories for council staff to urge them to 'go green' ".

Do they completely misunderstand the scheme? The scheme, in a nutshell, enables employees to buy a bike without paying tax on it. The people who would be paying the taxes, in this case the employees, aren't. You would have thought that the TPA, which claims to be "campaigning for lower taxes" would love this kind of thing. But in reality, they are not anti-tax, but pro-car (see my other posts here and here).

Now, it could be argued that a reduction in taxes in one area equals a compensating increase in another area. But the TPA can't argue that, because considering the side-effects of cutting taxes would destroy a lot of their other arguments for lower taxes.

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