Friday, June 25, 2010

LCN Route 3 improvement

Delighted to see the section of LCN Route 3 at Bolney Street/Dorset Road and Dorset Road/Meadow Road junctions has been changed.Before the changes, you had to give way at the Bolney Street/Dorset Road junction and there was a mini-roundabout at the Dorset Road/Meadow Road junction. This has been changed so the cycle route has priority at both junctions. In other words, traffic turning from Bolney Street into Dorset Road has priority, and traffic turning from Dorset Road into Meadow Road has priority.

Well done Lambeth Council. This is exactly the kind of simple improvement that costs nothing to implement if the road is being resurfaced as a matter of regular maintenance, but makes a real difference to cyclists. Journeys are quicker if you don't have to give way every few hundred yards, and junctions are where most accidents happen.

Unfortunately, there is not enough of this sensible thinking in the car-centric world of local authority highways engineering. Mostly, roads get resurfaced and re-marked without any though as to how the road layout could be improved to make cyclists safer. Councils regard cycling as irrelevant to their normal operations, something only to be considered in the context of specific cycle schemes, with the result that dangerous junctions stay that way.

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  1. Actually not great. Saw a bicyclist with right of way) knocked down here today by van heading west up Dorset Rd, assumed right of way (did not have)bicycle turns across him from Dorset Rd into Bolney St - BANG!

    The Dorset Road approach needs BIG sign - "Caution - give way. Cyclists right of way ahead."

    What do you do? Signal turning right even when you have right of way? It grates.