Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LCN#3 Clapham Crawl getting faster?

Following on from my earlier post, just recently the section of LCN Route 3 between Clapham Common and Rectory Grove seems to be improving.
There have been a lot of roadworks in the immediate vicinity. North Street was closed for a time. After the reopening of North Street, the amount of traffic on it, particularly sourthbound, has decreased. It used to be a real trial crossing it. Such was the volume of traffic, you could wait for minutes for a gap. Now you often only have to wait a few seconds.
Currently, The Chase is closed at its northern end, and there is a sign at the southern end warning of no access to Wandsworth Road. This is a considerable improvement over the usual signing you find with roadworks, where drivers are directed down unsuitable quiet narrow residential roads. The Chase is now very quiet indeed, which just goes to show how much rat-running goes on in residential streets.

I have no idea whether these 'improvements' are actually intentional or not on the part of the local authority: I've not heard of any plan to improve cycling conditions along Route 3. The next logical step would be to change the priority to favour the cycle route: this of course won't happen.

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