Thursday, June 10, 2010

Norman Baker, the Minister for Cycling, uses a cycle


“I turned up to my first engagement last week and a lunch by bike,” said Norman Baker “The civil servants had to ring ahead to make arrangements. I don’t think they are quite geared up for bikes.”

Welcome to government, Norman. Civil servants (and local government officers) in general haven't got a clue about cycling, which is one reason why most of the previous government's policies ingored it.
It's not so much that they hate it, it's that they are completely ignorant about it. They don't cycle themselves, and it doesn't occur to them that anyone would not want to travel by car, or maybe rail at a stretch.
What you need to do, Norman, if I may venture an opinion, is stop civil servants travelling by car and get them cycling. Then maybe they'd get it, plus it'd save a bob or two towards deficit reduction.

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