Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Police Condemn Too-Narrow Cycle Lane

Another tragic cycle death on Vauxhall Bridge Road, reported in the Standard with the police's road death investigation unit's report on it here.

A couple of quotes from it:
"that cycle lane is not of the required width. It is not the proper width for a cycle lane"
"such lack of space was putting cyclists at risk on a significant number of London roads"
“As a cyclist, you think this is not a cycle lane, this is the gutter. They try to squeeze everything on and there isn't enough room because some of these HGVs and buses take up the whole lane.” 

Unfunnily enough, this isn't news to regular London cyclists, or readers of this blog. I'm campaigning for ALL on-road cycle lanes to be a minimum of 2m wide, as this allows cyclists to adopt the correct safe road positioning and encourages drivers to give cyclists enough room when overtaking. Hopefully the LCC and CTC will join me sometime soon.

You would have thought with the modern-day obsession with 'elf and safety' that more thought would have been given to preventing road deaths probably the biggest preventable cause of death - but apparently government money is better spent stopping headstones in graveyards falling on people than improving road safety. Go figure.

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