Monday, December 6, 2010

Coalition Solves Congestion

Trouble-making blogger Cycalogical has been calling Coalition policy into question, suggesting that raising rail fares and abolishing the London Congestion Charge Western Extension Zone could increase road traffic levels.

Today, the Coalition hit back, revealing the solution to the problem: the flying car. Owners will be able to execute a vertical-take-off manoeuvre at the first sign of a traffic jam.

The Transport Secretary said: "Obviously, these cars will be expensive at first, as with any new technology. That's why we'll be offering generous consumer incentives for every car sold, funded by a levy on train fares. We'll be investing to build out a network of landing pads. We're putting our trust in technology so motoring can again become part of our future transport planning, and ending Labour’s indiscriminate war on the motorist as we focus on the real enemies – public transport and congestion."

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