Friday, December 31, 2010

Ravensbury Park Wandle Trail Improvements

The Wandle Trail, truly our #1 top-of-the-list very favourite Merton cycle route, runs through Ravensbury Park. A couple of the bridge decks are made of a coarse galvanized steel mesh that is not only devilishly slippery and unpredictable in the wet, but also is liable to do you a serious injury if you fall off as a result of a slide, which is likely as the approach angles to the bridges mean you'll be steering when you get to the metal deck.
Luckily, whoever is responsible for the path (I think Sustrans) has now topped the mesh with a timber layer. This is still slippery in the wet, but in a much more predictable way, and it won't be like falling on a cheese-grater.

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