Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cycle Superhighways - how to do it, Copenhagen-style

Copenhagen is planning to launch their first two cycle superhighways at the end of 2011, reports the Independent. City bosses might like to take a trip to London, so that they can learn a few lessons. Unfortunately Copenhagen is a very hostile place for motorists, and City planners still haven't learned the lessons.

"Copenhagen's roads are overloaded with people who want to ride their bicycles in all kinds of weather...jammed bike paths will be widened up to four metres (yards) on either side of the road"

[the] goal is to hike the percentage of suburban commuters cycling to and from the city from the 37 percent it is today to over 50 percent by 2015.

Synchronised traffic lights prioritising bicycles over cars will bring riders from the suburbs into Copenhagen "quickly and safely,"

Bike highways will "make life even more difficult for motorists and easier for cyclists."

They really haven't got a clue, have they? The cycle superhighways need to be narrow, not wide. No wonder the roads are overloaded with cyclists! Prioritizing bicycles over cars? How is that going to help traffic flow? How are people going to drive 400 yards to the shops? If these Scandinavians get their way, people will stop dying from obesity and air pollution and there will be a serious problem with an expanding, aging population. TfL's people need to get over there right now and save them from themselves!

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