Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ban Cars on Sundays

Believe it or not the idea of giving the rest of us a rest from cars on the day of rest comes not from some nutty cycling blogger (naming no names) but from none other than Ann Milton, an under-secretary at the Department of Health. Apparently she got the idea off the Columbians: "On Sundays they close certain streets (in Colombia) so that everybody can play in them. That is an outstanding idea."

However, it seems the Government is as usual taking no action, and saying this idea is something for local councils to consider. In other words they are continuing to do what previous governments have done: sit back and watch their constituents get fatter.

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  1. Saying that it's something for local councils to consider is a parliamentary way of saying 'F*ck off' basically.

    Re the Colombians, it was in Bogota under the Mayorship of Enrique Penalosa that the 'Ciclovia' really came into action - they have a ride like London's SkyRide, only bigger, every single Sunday. I think it's marvellous! You can read about his other very cool cycling and liveability ideas in a post I wrote after hearing him speak a few months ago;
    Do I think we'll get something similar here in the UK any time soon? Nope.