Friday, May 13, 2011

Brian Coleman

I am reliably informed by a Barnet friend that Brian Coleman, Barnet councillor and chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority is not exactly friendly to sustainable transport. You can take a look at his Wikipedia entry for confirmation of his pro-car attitudes: he makes Philip Hammond look like a lollipop lady.

Rather than waste public money on cycling or public transport projects, Coleman prefers to spend it on taxis, according to the Standard.

"In 2008, Mr Coleman, who is said to earn almost £120,000 a year, was criticised for running up a taxi bill of £8,231 as an Assembly member, including a £656 bill on one day. He was nicknamed 'grab-a-cab Coleman' by his colleagues who used public transport or bicycles.
His latest expenses reveal he claimed nearly £700 on congestion charge fees last year."

Even fellow Tory Boris Johnson was backing away from him saying he was "disappointed" to hear about Mr Coleman's latest claims. I wonder if the TaxPayers Alliance will be featuring Coleman's profligacy with our wonga?

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