Friday, May 20, 2011

Blackfriars Bridge Demo

A couple of hundred people showed up at Blackfriars Bridge this morning, to show their displeasure at the latest attempt by TfL to kick cycling into the long grass in respect of the redevelopment of the northern junction of this river crossing. This blog had previously criticised LCC for its armchair attitude to campaigning, so it's good to see cyclists making a bit of noise. There are people who think that street protests show LCC and cycling in a bad light. I don't buy that. In the words of Oscar Wilde, if there's one thing worse than being talked about in public, it's not being talked about in public.

The ride north over the bridge was at an (elderly) gentleman's pace, with no problems save an over-enthusiastic motorcyclist somehow getting in amongst the cycles; other than that, the (cycle) police kept pretty good order.

Then a ride back over the bridge...
Then finally, a visit to TfL HQ to remind them what a bicycle looks like...

Afterward the ride dispersed quickly. Back along Embankment, the traffic was very congested, due to the slight lack of lane discipline displayed by this driver:

...who was evidently conducting his own protest against too many traffic lights, and was much more effective at bringing London to a standstill than a bunch of cyclists.

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  1. You were right behind me - wish I'd known!

    I saw that car on the embankment as well. Given the raised kerb in the centre of the carriageway, and the direction it was facing, I was pretty perplexed as to how it might have got there.