Thursday, May 26, 2011

Westminster Cycle Parking

Where should you park a bike in Westminster? Despite the council's best efforts to discourage cycling, more and more irresponsible individuals insist on doing so, and of course the council has no money (or inclination) to invest in cycle parking.

How about here in Savoy Place (below)?

Or you could try the steps by the Coal Hole pub:

(Above) You'll notice the lovely, expensive new granite paving: the council could've put some cycle parking in when they laid this.

How about opposite the same pub:

(Above) You'll see a polite notice has been attached to this bike, advising the owner to park in Southampton Street. Let's take a trip there:

(Above) Oh dear; no space. All the stands are double-parked already The bloke in the orange top gave up and went elsewhere.

(Above) You could use a tree...

(Above) Or some street clutter that they're so keen to remove...

(Above) Or you could try the stands in Adam Street...oh dear, they're overflowing onto the railings and street lamps as well.

So that's it. Westminster is full. Why don't you come by car instead?

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