Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Violent Assault on Cyclist

Today a senior Met policeman told Parliament that they were too busy with counter-terrorism to investigate phone hacking. It seems they are not too busy to ticket cyclists on Chelsea Bridge, as we've featured on the blog previously. Let's see what their priority is this week.  This assault, where a cyclist is punched to the ground by the driver of a silver car, was handily captured on video by a fellow rider. The footage has yielded very good images of the road-raging ruffian in question (who, I am reliably informed, punches like a girl) and the assault itself.

The registered keeper allegedly told police that his motor had been taken without his consent by persons unknown, and then returned without a scratch, before you could say "perverting the course of justice" (and probably with a thank-you note and a full tank of fuel). The police seemingly have accepted this story at face value even though it's about as likely as a Greek bond getting paid back. Where's Gene Hunt when you need him?

However, the story was featured on BBC London News this evening, and in the Standard so it seems pretty unlikely that the Peugeot-driving pugilist can remain anonymous for long.

Just goes to show it's not just in the Tour de France where you have to watch out for stupid drivers.


  1. While 'the Met', tries dream-up yet more feeble excuses not to trace 'punches like a girl', I feel absolutely convinced that had there been a compulsory helmet law for cyclists, they'd have been out there ticketing cyclists like crazy.

    I can't help wondering if a TWOCed KJ56HGF has been seen parked in the local Freemasons' Hall car park.

  2. It appears 'punches like a girl' has handed herself in. The Met have failed cycling yet again.