Friday, May 21, 2010

Bizarre crash in Morden

As usual with road crashes, there are few details in this local paper report about an accident on the A24 in Morden. Apparently a quick-thinking off-duty nurse came to the aid of the occupants of a car that had flipped ONTO ITS ROOF in a crash on the A24 in Morden.
Now, modern cars are very difficult to overturn. They're designed to be stable under considerable lateral forces. Their manufacturers make them so, because of bad publicity in the past with models that developed a reputation for being prone to overturning like the Mercedes A-class. Of course, at high speed it's possible, if the vehicle slides sideways at speed into a high kerb, for example.
Now while it's difficult to overturn a vehicle, if you do succeed the consequences for the occupants are often very serious or fatal head and spinal injuries, because the safety systems aren't designed to cope with 'rollovers'.
Now this crash happened in daylight at 5:30PM on a weekday, the rush hour. The A24 at this point is a straight road with a 30MPH limit. It almost beggars belief that a car could get overturned here...let's be clear, there's no indication of who was at fault, but I'd be willing to bet that someone did something incredibly stupid and dangerous. And I'd also be willing to bet that that person will be back behind the wheel very soon, due to the lenient way the justice system treats dangerous driving.

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