Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Potholes force wheelchair ban??

According to this story, an epilepsy charity has banned students from using wheelchairs on its access road because potholes are forcing them into the middle of the road.

It should be titled "Dangerous drivers force wheelchair users off the road", because that is actually what is happening.

This really does seem ridiculous. Of course, the 'ban' is likely just advice from the charity so there is no reason why the students can't continue to use the road. However, if the local police and council fail to act, this would be an outrageous infringement of human rights. Drivers are apparently swerving (without looking first of course) to avoid potholes, and because few drivers on country roads show any awareness of people who aren't also in cars, they are liable to crash into anyone in a wheelchair. This is prima facie dangerous driving. Given that it is endemic according to the report, the council should either close the road to through traffic, or implement temporary measures to improve the situation such as coning off one side of the road.

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