Monday, January 24, 2011

'Greener' Top Gear ?

Diehard petrolheads may have got a shock when Top Gear presenters discussed fuel prices in the first episode of the new series. Jeremy Clarkson said that the Government could reduce fuel tax, and that would be very popular, but that we have got to accept that the oil price is going to carry on going up.

Clarkson had previously said (quoted by The Sun) "In a country like ours you need to have a road system that works - and it can't work if fuel is over £6 a gallon." 

The Top Gear presenters then had a short discussion on the 'hypermiling' technique of avoiding braking to save fuel, and concluded that electric cars weren't a practical alternative due to the need to recharge frequently.

On that bombshell, maybe Transport Secretary Philip Hammond got a shock too, because he's rather reliant on committed car drivers buying into his 'carry on driving' transport policy. If diehard petrolheads start to question whether energy is going to stay cheap, they'll pretty soon start to ask other awkward questions this Government is not well-placed to answer.

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  1. is an interesting read on whether our reliance on roads is a good idea full stop.