Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Look at All Those Westminster Cyclists

Ross Lydall reports in the Standard that there are over 13,000 registered Cycle Hire users in the City of Westminster. That amounts to nearly 10% of the electorate in that borough.

How much longer is Westminster Council prepared to ignore cycling? Clearly, from these figures, people in Westminster want to cycle, and it's a pretty safe bet that a lot more would if the Council did a bit more to improve conditions for cycling. Which wouldn't be hard, as currently they do very close to nothing.

It's not just Westminster electors that cycle in Westminster: it's likely the majority of the 110,000 Cycle Hire users will ride there, and figures show that a very significant number (25% or more) of vehicles entering central London in the morning peak are cycles. In other words, it's becoming more difficult for the Council to ignore cycling and the safety of cyclists, and less easy to justify their over-zealous and disproportionate targeting of rule-breaking cyclists instead of dangerous drivers. But no doubt they'll manage it because of their idealogical opposition to cycling.

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