Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bushey Road, Merton

Bushey Road is the main road leading from Merton to the A3.
It is blessed with a segregated cycle path. Unfortuately, it is another path that isn't connected at either end to anything remotely cycleable...
Below is the start of the cycle path. The sign is rather hidden behind a small tree, and it's not even clear what the sign refers to.

The problem is the approach to the path (below)
You have to cycle along a length of two-lane dual carriageway. As you can see above, the black car is in the left-hand lane, so there's actually plenty of room to continue the cycle lane back to the junction with Martin Way. But that would be no fun, would it?
At the other end of the cycle path, you have this:
You emerge onto a 40MPH tw0-lane dual carriageway. The lanes are quite narrow here so don't expect the motors to give you any room.
So there you have it - completely useless. Good job there is an alternative way of getting to Raynes Park...

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