Monday, February 1, 2010

Morden Hall Park, Merton

Now this really is a highlight for the borough's cyclists. Well-maintained, wide paths, beautiful landscape, car free. This is what cycling should be like. Would it be churlish to note that it's the National Trust rather than Merton Council that are responsible?
There is one niggle: at the junction that takes you over the tram tracks to the Wandle Trail, there's this side trail:

No 'no-cycling' sign, you'll note. But at the junction with Morden Road, you've got this:

There really is no reason I can fathom for the presumption against cycling on this path. The path is rarely used by pedestrians, who normally walk through the park. If you were coming from Dorset Road, this is the logical place to access the Wandle Trail cycle route. The other access point has you going quite out of your way to the south, over a ridiculous sheep-pen crossing. But we wouldn't want to encourage cycling, would we?

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