Monday, February 8, 2010

Tax Payers Alliance are Soft on Crime

Quoted in an article about fines for littering being levied against smokers who drop cigarette butts, in the Doncaster Free Press, the TPA say:

"On- the-spot fines can be a useful tool against people dropping cigarettes...But certain authorities seem to use them for revenue raising rather than law enforcement, which damages the legitimacy of these fines."

Sorry, I don't get it. Damages the legitimacy? How can it be illegitimate to fine someone who litters? So we should go easy on littering? That's not going to deter it - and council tax-payers will end up paying more taxes to pay for street cleaning! I thought the TPA were against taxes. You would think if there were an opportunity for law-breakers to pay for the consequences of their actions, rather than leaving the poor old taxpayer to pick up the tab (you see what I did there?), it would be a no-brainer. Welcome to the topsy-turvy world of the TPA...

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