Thursday, October 21, 2010

CSH#8 First Peek

The first signs of CSH#8 have started appearing in Ram St, Wandsworth.

Below you see the blue sign on the carriageway, and the freshly touched-up bus lane markings:

Below on the right of the photo you see a freshly painted cycle lane:

You'll notice that it conforms to the CSH concept - "wide, continuous cycle lanes (new or improved), typically 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres in width". Or maybe not. It looks completely useless to me. It's not even 1.5M wide. It's certainly not continuous. To get onto it you have to turn off the pavement, at which point you're in danger of getting rear-ended by vehicles turning from Armoury Way. The cycle lane is advisory only, so any vehicle can drive in it.

The Wandsworth Gyratory is one of the worst areas in London for cycling. If TfL are serious about the CSHs, they must sort it out. They really need to use the full range of available measures to ensure cyclists feel safe. Can they pull it off? Watch this space...

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