Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hal Lewis Resignation

The climate change deniosphere is abuzz with the news that Hal Lewis, who is an American professor of physics, has resigned from the American Physical Society in protest at the APS's stance on climate change, and his resignation letter has been hailed by self-appointed denier-in-chief Anthony Watts as "...an important moment in science history...a letter on the scale of Martin Luther."

This is pure hyperbole. The fact that Lewis is any kind of scientist makes it newsworthy in the eyes of the deniers, which is a measure of their desperation for evidence to support their case. However, Lewis is not a climate scientist, does not appear to know much about climate science, and the APS is not directly a climate science institution. There is no new science in Lewis's resignation letter, and no new malpractice or conflict of interest has been uncovered or even alleged. There is no new critique of the science, no new falsification of data, no new conspiracy, nothing new. All that has happened is someone who denies anthropogenic climate change has resigned from a body that supports the science behind it. Big deal. But the deniers, like the drowning man, will clutch at any straw no matter how flimsy.

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