Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cyclist Down - Battersea

I came through Battersea Park today. At Chelsea Bridge, the junction of Queenstown Road and Carriage Drive North, this is the scene that greeted me:

The cyclist appeared to be conscious. I didn't see the crash, and I don't know if either of the vehicles in the picture were involved. Get well soon whoever you are.

Here's the paramedic arriving:

Queenstown Road has a cycle lane on the footway at this point. At the Carriage Drive North junction,there is no treatment to indicate to drivers that cyclists may be approaching the junction on the pavement. A right turn from the southbound lane of Queenstown Road into Carriage Drive North is allowed. This is potentially very dangerous, as a right-turning vehicle has to turn across two lanes, one of which is busy and may impair visibility. Once a car has started to make the turn, they are unlikely to stop and give way to a cyclist crossing the road, even though the cyclist has right of way.


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