Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Speed Cameras: A Study of Studies

Reported in road.cc, Research by the University of Queensland in Brisbane looked at 35 separate studies into the effectiveness of speed cameras in countries including the UK, US, Norway and Holland has come to an unequivocal conclusion.
"While there is variation in the results, the overall finding is clear – speed cameras do reduce injuries and deaths," said lead researcher Cecilia Wilson.

Got that? Philip Hammond doesn't.

Meanwhile, in road.cc again, the AA has written to the aforementioned Transport Secretary Hammond about his decision [not to fund fixed speed cameras] and is due to meet ministers. The organisation said: "The AA is concerned that the views of motorists are not being reflected accurately in this debate and that ultimately lives are at risk."

The AA refers to a public backlash against the switch-off, including in Oxfordshire where all 72 fixed and 89 mobile-site cameras were switched off on August 1. There, Carla Bramble, a 45-year-old housewife and lifelong resident on the A44 Woodstock Road said: “Cars used to slow down when they saw the camera and, because there is another one along the road, they would maintain that speed. But now they belt along the road as fast as they like. People have read the papers and they know that all the cameras are off. They know they can go as fast as they want on this road now, and that is what they seem to be doing."

What Hammond doesn't seem to realise, is that motorists are also pedestrians and cyclists. Motorists live in communities that are blighted by antisocial driving. Motorists are the fathers and mothers of children killed and injured in crashes.  Motorists are doctors and nurses, paramedics and police who deal with the consequences of crashes. Motorists in the main support speed cameras, and they do not like one bit the idea that political point-scoring and penny-pinching is being put above safety.


  1. If they cost money to run, why not increase the fines to a level where they are in profit? Problem solved.

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