Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Road and Aircraft Noise Bad for the Heart

A Swiss study reported by Reuters establishes a link between high levels of noise and increased risk of a heart attack. Whilst previous studies had linked proximity to a major road with heath risks, it was not clear whether noise or air pollution or a combination of the two were responsible.

It's interesting that the Daily Mail report the story but only mention aircraft noise. Their report keeps very quiet about road noise, because roads are A Good Thing.

The authorities will also want to keep this quiet. The report points the finger of responsibility for further large numbers of premature deaths caused by road and aircraft noise to the annual 50,000 caused by air pollution and the annual 30,000 deaths and serious injuries caused by road crashes. It reveals huge hidden costs to the NHS, disability benefits and lost taxes - not to mention the human costs.

But in fact all this is just propaganda in the War on the Motorist. The real danger is cyclists. There must be a crack down on dangerous pavement cycling and red-light jumping. Cycling is the real menace to society.

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