Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yet Another Cycle Hire Update

The 1,000,000 mark has been reached, and the lucky millionth rider is showered with goodies. Disappointingly, it's not a gold-plated Boris Bike; instead a "free five-year subscription to the scheme for himself or herself plus three friends. The rider will also receive £1,000 to spend on cycle accessories at the Bobbin Bicycles boutique". That's a lot of accessories. I wonder if they're allowed to buy a bike?

Meanwhile, the London Assembly Transport Committee (which the BBC can't spell) have been grilling TfL's cycling supremos. Apparently they believe the hire scheme will break even in 3 years. Which would make it not only the greenest, cheapest and quickest way of getting around London, but also the least subsidized. Which in turn begs some rather awkward questions about why cycling is permanently relegated to last place in TfL's road user hierarchy.

The Committee were also due to quiz TfL about the Cycle Superhighways, and I'll blog about that as soon as I get details. And, as you'd expect, I'll give it both barrels.

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