Saturday, November 20, 2010

Catriona Patel - Prosecute Thames Materials?

Hat-tip to Ross Lydall for asking the question why the employer of Catriona Patel's killer, Thames Materials should be next in court. "It must have known of his truly appalling record." Lydall has attempted to contact the company but they seem to have gone all shy.

According to LCC, "Thames Materials Ltd failed several inspections, the company and its drivers had many convictions. In 2002 the Traffic Commissioner tried to revoke its licence to operate lorries, but this was overturned on appeal."

I believe that at least this company should be forced out of business. If you know of a company or organization who does business with them, you might consider suggesting they use a company that employs drivers with a better record (shouldn't be hard).

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  1. And now a Thames Material truck has been involved in a horrendous accident on the A4 where the truck crossed the central reservation, colliding with a black cab and killing one of the passengers. When will this stop?