Friday, November 19, 2010

Justice for Catriona Patel ?

Catriona Patel's killer - I can't bring myself to write his name - received a 7-year sentence today after crushing her with his HGV whilst over the drink-drive limit and whilst using a mobile phone.

What has emerged with the verdict is the killer "has 3 convictions for drink-driving and has been caught 20 times" -count 'em -  "driving a HGV while disqualified".

And yet it appears he was still legally allowed to drive an HGV.

If you look at the Mail's story, you can see the killer's truck. You could contact the truck's owners if you like, to ask if they do any background checks on their drivers.

But it's the "justice" system that has the most blood on its hands. How can a man who has demonstrated repeated contempt for the law - and specifically for the laws that govern drivers - be allowed to drive, and to drive as a profession? If the justice system had kept this killer off the roads - as it surely should have done - Catriona would be alive today.

There's an investigation into the Oxshott train crash. There's an enquiry into the student fees protest.

There must be an enquiry into how the justice system failed here. Write to your MP. Write to LCC. Make some noise.

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