Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Children Attack Motorists

A national survey of 15,000 children  by the charity Brake and business insurance specialist QBE finds that almost nine in 10 children (86%) think drivers go too fast around their homes and schools.

Shockingly, one in 10 children (10%) say they have been knocked down while walking or cycling; a further 56% have had a near miss, and a further 16% have had a frightening experience.

This is clearly an attack by these pint-sized malcontents on the rights of the motorist. It's quite simple, children, listen carefully. You belong inside where it's safe, or in your parents' car. You shouldn't be outside on your own. You could cause a DREADFUL ACCIDENT! Walking and especially cycling are to be avoided at all costs. What a damning indictment on today's parents, that they let these terrible accidents continue. Think of the trauma caused to the poor old driver who after a moment's inattention caused by an important phone call is viciously struck by an uncontrollable child (in dark clothing probably) jaywalking in the motor-road!


  1. Here in progressive Waltham Forest the council has quite rightly decided to stop spending money on all this road safety for children nonsense. Children who get run down outside their schools simply need to realise that many drivers have urgent meetings to get to and cannot be expected to reduce their speeds for these economically inactive individuals.

  2. Too right! Children should be taught from an early that roads are for cars...