Friday, November 26, 2010

Narrow Street - Well-Behaved Cyclists

Surely some mistake. The residents of Narrow Street have kicked up a right old kerfuffle about the Comedy Cycle Superhighway going down their street with all the -er- noise, danger and disruption that will cause.
So the Mayor duly dispatched a crack police hit-squad to monitor the situation and here's what they found:

"As part of our investigation, traffic officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Cycle Task Force
were deployed to the area on 28th October, 1st and 2nd November during the morning rush hour.
Officers determined that cyclists along the route were adhering to road regulations, with no
evidence of speeding or cyclist/pedestrian conflict."

Funny how when it's cyclists clearly NOT breaking the law or causing intimidation, the police are down there before you can say "Territorial Support Group". Yet in the 20MPH zones in Merton where speeding is endemic, you're more likely to see a Siberian Tiger than a speed gun.

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  1. Urmm ... "no evidence of speeding"? Speeding cyclists? ... the Met do realise that no speed limit applies to cyclists, right?