Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coppers - Channel 4

"Coppers" is a documentary following police officers. Monday's episode follows that endangered species, traffic police, about their merry task. It's on 4OD if you missed it.

It starts off with a lot of laddish banter between the officers, but as the incidents get more serious you see the bitter human cost, and most of all, the injustice.

A woman who caused a horrific head-on collision resulting in life-threatening injuries is found guilty of reckless driving and receives 5 penalty points and a fine of £180.

One of the officers interviews a widower whose wife was killed in a crash on a straight road. "In my eyes, he murdered my wife, it's as simple as that...", the tearful man says. The officer comments "If I could change anything I would change the sentencing...for death by dangerous and death by due care because I don't think it's enough...people might think that speeding, driving while you're not paying attention, driving while you're on your mobile phone is a minor thing...but it's what kills people." The killer driver in this case was found guilty of death by careless driving and got 300 hours community service and a driving ban of 18 months.

Here's a thought. Under the Coalition's plans, the long-term unemployed will be doing 30 hours community service a week. So the "punishment" for being unemployed will be greater in many cases than the "punishment" for causing death by careless driving.


  1. And what a scary thought that is. Avery sad state of affairs indeed and one of the reasons why I would like to see Strict Liability introduced here in the UK. Those families would have had to have fought tooth and nail for those pathetic convictions, and yet it hardly seems worth it. Is it any wonder that a significant minority drive as they do? Great post Crossrider!

  2. The things vehicle drivers can get away with in this country is ridiculous, if you ever want to kill someone and "get away with it" use your car instead of a knife or gun