Thursday, November 18, 2010

CSH7 improvements - Southwark Bridge

The BBC reports CSH7 improvement works on Southwark Bridge. Looks like they are segregating the cycle lane (yes, you read that right).
More of this kind of thing is what we want. It would be nice if we knew more of whether there is an ongoing programme of safety improvements. Perhaps the Mayor/TfL are doing it in a stealthy way, in order not to upset the motor lobby?

UPDATE: As per Chris's comment below, and comments on the BBC's blog, it seems the BBC has it wrong about the segregation being new.
According to City Cyclists, the segregation was
"driven by engineers wanting fortified kerbs to protect the sides of the bridge from lorries rather than the specific needs of cyclists."
The plans date from 2005 so clearly have nothing to do with the CSH.


  1. Don't think they are segregating the lane. It was already segregated. The contractors have closed the existing northbound cycle lane to continue with the refurb/repaint of the bridge's western iron work.

    Southwark Bridge has segregated lanes in both northbound and southbound carriageways. Apparently - and I didn't know this - these lanes were not designed to be cycle lanes, they were put in to reduce the traffic from two lanes to one because the bridge isn't structurally sound enough to carry two lanes of motor traffic. It might explain why the lane is bounded by a horrible concrete kurb (about 12-18inches high), truly awful, and a terrible waste of money. Still feeling the love?

    The entry and exit junctions (cross-roads) to Southwark Bridge are also truly awful - they are deaths zones in-waiting.

    CSH7 on Southwark Bridge Road is just...well, awful. Pinch points, parked taxis buses & coaches, two lane motor traffic at junctions, left turning motor vehicles...way too many HGVs. It all adds up to a very stressful cycling experience.

  2. Grrr! That'll teach me to believe the BBC rather than doing my own research :(